Friday, November 20, 2009

MoreThan 140 Characters

Twitter is a great social media tool and Follow Friday is great for letting people know who you suggest that others follow. The trouble is, there is no way to let folks know why they should follow someone in 140 characters unless you tweet once for each person on your FF list. With that in mind, I decided to make a short list of people for FF and a brief description of why.

I'll start with the first person I followed and then move forward in time:

@ClaytonMorris - Clayton is co-anchor of the Fox and Friends weekend show. He's very into social media and communication. Clayton rarely has a tweet that I doesn't interest me. His tweets usually center around tech. He does a podcast I suggest you follow as well @todayinsocial. It centers on what's going on in social media.

@RickReichmuth - Rick is the chief meteorologist at Fox News and he does the weather for Fox and Friends weekend. He's a good guy and he interacts with his followers well. His tweets usually center around the weather, photos, family and food.

@TapOutRightNow & @MichaelJStanek - Michael is an actor who lives in Chicago. He's genuine and he will let you know what he thinks about stuff. He usually tweets about politics and the Fox News commentary show Red Eye.

@BarbiSetlock - Barbi is a sweet chick. She tweets about all sorts of things but usually focuses on her love of people. She's a lot of fun and cares about what other people think as she's truly open minded.

@DaveSeow - I can't say enough good about this guy and why you should follow him but I'll try. He's a children's book author living in Singapore. He tweets about all kinds of stuff including customs, books and friends.

@ColleenMcD - Colleen lives in California. She knows how to do a lot of stuff including being an interactive tweeter. She will let you know what's up in Southern CA and she often tweets about tasty recipes.

@WavesOfTech @DaveAndFirefly @MikeeUpdate - these guys do a podcast called Waves of Tech. It's a great cast that keeps folks like me up to date on how technology is changing our world. They tweet about everything from what's going on to tech and funny things that they find on the web. Also, I write for their website so, follow them and their podcast please.

@JWSems - Jason is the real thing. He works with Lean management concepts. His tweets are generally focused on his friends and travels but also include food. Let's face it, who doesn't like food.

@LoveAuto - will keep you up to date on what's going on in the world of cars and car related news. Worth a follow.

@SJSTurkie - His tweets are generally about politics and communication. Very interesting topics and he'll discuss with you, in 140 characters or less.

@MMGood1208 - This person will keep you entertained. She tweets about absolutely everything and she's good at it. She will start and keep a conversation going. She loves life and people.

@JPsCranky - Good conversation about just about anything. She loves people, family and cookies. FUN tweeter.

@ValeriaL - Val is a friend of mine in the real world. She's a great person and when she has time she tweets interesting things that relate to social media. She also tweets for her job as @TheBeachFLA.

@MeigaLN - Meiga is another friend from the real world. She doesn't tweet all that much but when she does it is worth reading.

@NickBelardes - is an author. His tweets are random and interesting. He tweets about things he sees...just observations like you would expect an author to tweet. He also tweets about his travels and writings.

@GlitzyOrbit - you won't find a cooler grandmother to tweet with. Her tweets are all over the board from Pearl Jam to her kids and family. Fantastic lady for sure.

@ByteMonkey - lives here in Pensacola. His tweets are often hilarious observations of what's going on in his world. Can anybody say VOLTRON?

I'm sure that I'll add to this list but I doubt that anyone will be deleted. Follow these folks. They've all got something good to say.

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  1. We appreciate the words of pleasure with our show. Our intent is exactly as you mention, to inform and have fun with Tech. We also appreciate all you have done for us.

    Waves of Tech Crew