Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poetry: In No Particular Order


does anything exist
beyond my eyes
did god really paint
the purple skies
do people believe
in greener grass
like everything else
this too will pass
is it possible to be
surrounded and known
while at the same time
completely alone




perched on clouds
spread wings of silk
as they prepare to guard
the beauty
inside you


everything you desire
believe to be true
want from life
i cannot be
i have failed you
accept me as i am
take what i give
or nothing at all


i love my car
i wax it every day
so it can shine
even though i don't


I got up this morning
though I knew you were gone
and all those times
I told myself I couldn't go on
somehow the pain
though buried so deep
wasn't enough to let me
die in my sleep
now I'm alone
it doesn't seem so bad
maybe you weren't
the best I could have had
pictures painted
within my mind
constantly reminding of
what's left behind


paper rock scissors
determining fate
while onlookers
patiently wait

overlapping moments
frozen in time
suspended eternally
in each of their minds

poised on the edge
and baited breath
paper rock scissors
determining death

apathy reigning
in a world fulled with shit
slowly dying
while silently we sit

paper rock scissors
destroying the earth
mothers and fathers
happily giving birth


Once was beautiful
now am dead
can't keep the vermin
out of my head

lying silently
deep in the ground
not much room here
to move around

please don't ask
why I'm here
else you'll think
your time is near

just live your life
day to day
and thank God
He made it that way


four A.M.
mouth is dry
can't believe
i'm still this high
legs are numb
eyes are red
where's the volume
for my head


Roadhouse Love Song

I like the way you look
And you have a certain smile
I was wondering if you
Would be with me a while
I spend all my days
And nights here on the road
I need your loving to
Help me Loosen my load
I won't ask questions or
Take up all your time
I just wanna love you
And pretend that you are mine

I was driving down the road
In the hot part of the year
I got a little thirsty
So I stopped to get a beer
'Bout two hours later
I was three sheets to the wind
But I had to drop off my load
And so I climbed on in
Once again I'm drivin'
'Bout 80 miles an hour
Then I see the blue lights
And the boss says "son you're fired"

that brings me back to now
And this is where we are
can't you see I need you
We don't have to go too far
The seasons they are movin'
I can feel a change down south
You don't have to say a word
Just open up your mouth
I'll tell you that I love you
If it will help at all
But you know I need you 'cause
I'm not that flexible


  1. I really enjoyed your poetry, I enjoy expressing myself too, not everyone wants to listen but that's okay too...heather rae

  2. Agree with Heather. Great way of expressing yourself. You do it well. Heather's got a fantastic blog and does great Youtube videos too.